Sunday, April 22, 2007

Good Morning, Good Morning!

Today was a very exciting day for me. Doug & I went to see Debbie Reynolds perform at Waltham High School with the Reagle Players. So what if we were the only young people there without our parents or grandparents?! It was still awesome. In case you didn't know, I have pretty much two degrees in film, plus I lived in L.A. for over 2 years, so to get a little taste of Hollywood in the suburbs of Boston was pretty frickin' exciting to me! Of course, I kept pleading with Doug to figure out a way for me to meet Debbie Reynolds, but he's shy and thought I should do all the recon. So, being quite the clever stalker, I figured out where she would be exiting. There were some other smart people there, but not too many. This is the result:

I swear I don't always look this psychotic. It's only because I got to meet DEBBIE REYNOLDS! Does anyone else but me find this to be the highlight of April?! She still looks and sounds great. It was a wonderful way to spend a Sunday afternoon. HOORAY!

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