Monday, March 31, 2008

She's Like the Wind

Hopefully Maile doesn't mind me using that song for her post title! Once again, she proved herself to be an awesome model for me. Our shoots are always so much fun. She totally lets me experiment with our shots and, instead of getting impatient, she laughs with me when the reflector blows away in the wind.

I'm sure I'll be posting more from this shoot soon, but these are a few of my favorites. I've also got a newborn shoot in my back pocket, as well as a belly dancer. I know I've been remiss about posting in a timely manner these days, but I haven't forgotten my faithful blog readers! More soon, I promise.

Saturday, March 22, 2008

Here Comes Peter Cottontail

Thanks to Kristi, of the itty bitty bakeshop, for providing me with this awesome mini Easter basket to photograph! It's so adorable. The woman can really take anything and shrink it. Not including clothing. She gave me great instructions, actually, on how to un-shrink wool. Martha Stewart has some stiff competition.

Since it's Easter weekend, I thought an Easter-related blog would be appropriate. When I was little, we celebrated Easter at my grandmother's house. My brother Andy & I would be dressed in our Easter finest. Our outfits generally included jaunty hats for the both of us - he'd get a cap, I'd get a little beret or a fancy brimmed hat. My grandmother had a huge backyard and while all the kids were corralled inside, my uncles would hide tons of candy filled Easter eggs out there. Some would be easy to find, some much more difficult, but they we were, fifteen or so of us, running around, searching. That Easter egg hunt is my best Easter memory. So, for those of you who celebrate Easter, have a wonderful holiday!

Things have been more than busy for me, so I apologize for not posting lately! I swear, I even have photos to show you. This one will have to suffice for now, but I'll try to manage my time better. The wedding season is upon us and I am so excited. I am working with a bunch of awesome couples and each wedding is going to be so different! I'm also going to be shooting a wedding in Buenos Aires! My first outside-New-England destination wedding! I've never been to Buenos Aires and have never taken a flight that long, so it should be interesting. That's at Christmas time, so I don't need to worry about it yet, but the plans are finalized. Plus, I've been enjoying my new car. Life is good.

Thursday, March 6, 2008

Trading in My Chevy For a Cadillac-ack-ack-ack-ack

(oddly enough, my first car was a Cadillac and my second was a Chevy)

This is The Lunchbox. The Lunchbox was originally the stereo in Doug's Firebird, circa 1994. It pulls out and you can carry it around by its handle, hence the name. The Lunchbox found its way into my car in 2001. You see, I parked my car on a nice residential street in the Valley and when I returned to it, my new stereo was GONE! At the time, I was living in South Central where I had encountered no crime. One day in the Valley, and BOOM!, the stereo is gone. I drove around for months with an empty void in my car. Doug, being innovative, managed to get The Lunchbox to Los Angeles from Boston and installed it in my car using directions he found on the internet. We made a mess of the wires, but the end result was that I had a working stereo and that was what mattered. I've been driving around with The Lunchbox in my car for over six years now and it has done a fine job. At least, until a few months ago when it just stopped working, like a lot of other things in my car. So, when I went to buy a new car, I traded my old one in. There were a few days between buying the new car and actually getting it and Doug asked that I take a photo of The Lunchbox, since it would be finding itself dismantled/trashed/auctioned soon. So, here it is, in all its dusty glory.

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

I Love L.A. (We Love It!)

Yikes! It has been such a long time since I've posted anything! There was all that build-up leading to the Oscars and then I didn't even write about the show. So, here's a quick synopsis:

1) Thank god Debbie Matenopoulos got nowhere near the red carpet! She practically ruined the SAG Awards. Yuck! Although, when I double-checked the spelling of her last name, I discovered that her real first name is Despina. That's kinda cool. However, due to the overwhelming of negative points against her, the unique first name does nothing to put her in my good graces.
2) What was Daniel Day-Lewis' wife (Rebecca Miller, daughter of playwright Arthur Miller) wearing?
3) I heart Daniel Day-Lewis and his ebullient acceptance speech.
4) I heart George Clooney.
5) I don't heart George Clooney's girlfriend.
6) Gary Busey is clearly insane and how on earth did he get an invite to the Oscars?!
7) Jessica Alba hates being pregnant and it shows. How on earth did SHE get an invite to the Oscars?!
8) People kept slipping on the same spot on the stage during the show - clearly over-waxed.
9) Overall, great acceptance speeches.
10) Jon Stewart is funny.
11) Weird omissions from the montages - no Whoopi, no Steve Martin, no Brad Renfro.
12) The show clocked in at about three and a half hours. I have definitely watched broadcasts that lasted more than four, so I was thrilled.
13) What's up with changing the order of the awards? Totally threw me off.
14) I'm glad the song from Once won Best Song.
15) Fun fact: none of the people who won acting awards are American.
16) Surprises: Tilda Swinton's win for Michael Clayton, Marion Cotillard's win for La Vie en Rose.
17) Javier Bardem might have a slightly busted looking face, but the man is sexy.
18) What is Sean Penn doing with Petra Nemcova?
19) Miley Cyrus creeps me out.
20) I heart George Clooney.

Okay, I think that about covers it. Exciting things are going on over here these days. Lots of weddings booked for this season and I am so excited! I've got weddings that take me all over New England, which is super-cool. I don't want to post without including a photo, so here are some photos from a recent wedding. I love musicians at work!

These guys are the International String Trio and they play jazz, classical, world, and klezmer music. They were great to listen to, and, of course, great to photograph!