Friday, February 27, 2009

Rita Hayworth Gave Good Face

A couple of weeks ago, I had the pleasure of working with Iryna. Not only does she love photography, but she's also a great model. I absolutely love the close-up shots I got. I felt like I was shooting a Cover Girl ad or something. Totally flawless. There's something about the intimacy of a close-up that tugs at me - I want to see into a person's eyes. These top two shots are definitely two of my favorites from the whole day.



I thought I would post this one, too. It's not a close-up, but I love the emotion in it. Iryna gave us so much to work with - lots of outfits, expressions, poses. We really had a lot of fun.

Special thanks goes out to Pizzuti Studios for hosting us at their studio space! And a very special thanks to their kitties Anderson and Carl for keeping us on our toes!

Thursday, February 26, 2009

And Then We'll Take It Higher

Last weekend, the same day as the Oscars, I attended Part 2 of the Get it Off! Workshop. We worked with three models and practiced different lighting set-ups, at times trying to create specific looks and other times, just experimenting and having fun. I spent the day learning a ton and definitely getting more comfortable with using my flash off-camera, but also hanging out with some really cool people (that applies to the models, the photographers, and our fearless workshop leaders, James Federico and Doug Levy). Here are some of the results!

Meet Jess:
Close Up


Meet Hoai:


Meet Stephanie:


That's all for now!

Monday, February 23, 2009

You Must Have Seen Her


I took this photo at the Get It Off! Workshop yesterday. We worked with three really cool models and just played around with different lighting tricks. Since I use mostly natural light, these workshops have been great. They've got me experimenting with all different sorts of equipment, which is fun. This is just one of the many photos I took yesterday, but something about it grabs me, so I thought I'd throw it up there.

To all of you who powered through and read the entire Oscars blog, THANK YOU! I had a record number of people check in yesterday, which is awesome! Please feel free to comment with your thoughts on The Academy Awards - I want to hear your opinions on everything - dresses, awards, attitudes...

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Hooray for Hollywood

Okay, I've been cooking so I'm a little late with the beginning of this blog.

6:18p - I notice Danny Boyle let the little kids from "Slumdog Millionaire" leave Mumbai to come to the show. That's nice. Especially considering all the bad press surrounding the fact that the kids were still impoverished.
6:22p- That's the guy from "Mamma Mia." He broke up with his long-term girlfriend after hooking up with his co-star (Amanda Seyfried). Naughty.
6:30p - Taraji P Henson is adorable but she's not going to win. Sorry.
* I hate the ticker at the bottom of the screen. It's very distracting.
6:36p - I LOVE PHOEBE CATES AND KEVIN KLINE! "Drop Dead Fred" is totally underrated!
6:37p - If you haven't seen Richard Jenkins in "The Visitor," it's definitely worth checking out. Netflix it!
6:40p- I don't like the "star tracker." Why do I care where they are on the red carpet? Especially when it's pointing out Zac Efron and Vanessa Hudgens. Consensus is - NO Star Tracker!
6:48p- Early prediction for those of you paying attention - "Slumdog Millionaire" for Best Picture. Regardless of whether or not I think it SHOULD win, I think it's going to win.
6:49p- Jay Manuel... America's Next Top Model premieres Wednesday night! So excited!
6:51p- My friends have heard it a million times since I saw the movie, but Freida Pinto is quite possibly the most beautiful woman in the world.
*Everything about Miley Cyrus is stupid. That's a shout-out to Emily! Thanks for the reminder!
6:55p- Melissa Leo looks so good in comparison to how she looked in "Frozen River."
6:56p- Heidi Klum can do no wrong. She is awesome and beautiful and German.
7:02p- Michael Shannon is a little creepy. Vanessa says he is the one part of "Revolutionary Road" she didn't like. Go figure.
7:10p- Mickey Rourke arrives! Sans dog, Loki, who passed away this week. Just got a glimpse of Sarah Jessica Parker - she looks like a cake topper. Living Carrie Bradshaw.
7:12p- Amy Adams looks gorgeous in red, even though she's wearing a rather large necklace. And there's Amanda Seyfried, who doesn't look that great. Consensus is it looks like a bad bridesmaids' dress! And she's a homewrecker. Josh Brolin? Wife beater or great actor?
7:14p- Melissa George... Corset mermaid?? No way! That's a direct quote from Amanda. And in the white? Looks like full-on lingerie!
* We are choosing to stick with the red carpet coverage on E! instead of switching to Barbara Walters' Oscar special.
7:18p- We are all so glad that Sean Penn and Robin Wright Penn worked it out! We want to believe that Hollywood marriages can work! Ironically, they flash to SJP and Matthew Broderick who look a little uncomfortable with each other. And then a flash to Robert Downey, Jr. who used to be engaged to SJP. Talk about "flow" in action.
7:27p- Sophia Loren???!!! We love Frank Langella! And now, Mickey Rourke! He looks pretty good tonight. Tame in comparison to some of the other awards shows. He's wearing a photo of his dog, Loki, around his neck. Also, Ryan Seacrest misuses the word "irony."
7:35p- Peter Gabriel showed up, despite Oscar controversy. However, we're talking about Conan's finale and wondering why on earth he needs to move to L.A. Why can't he do The Tonight Show from NYC? Especially since Jay Leno is still going to be doing a show in L.A.
7:36p- Even Rachel Wood. I loved her when she was in "Once and Again" on TV but she's a little strange. The whole Marilyn Manson thing is very creepy.
7:39p- Uh oh. The Brangelina backlash has begun in my household! This will go on all night.
7:42p- Philip Seymour Hoffman always looks dirty. In the non-hygienic way, not in the "naughty" way. I saw him speak once when I attended "The Actor's Studio" and he looked dirty then, too.
7:44p- Penelope Cruz looks like she's wearing a wedding dress. But she's beautiful. Is she here with Javier Bardem? He's gorgeous in that broken sort of way. Everyone in the room wants Brangelina to just friggin' smile already and stop taking themselves so seriously!
7:47p- Kate Winslet looks beautiful because she is. It's "in spite of" her dress, definitely not "because of."
* Now the party is really starting - the chips and salsa are here!
* Where's George Clooney???!!! What is he doing to me?
* Time to switch to ABC! Tim Gunn? We love Tim Gunn!
8:10p - It looks like they're going to weigh the class of "Slumdog Millionaire" on a giant scale. It's nice to see the whole cast here. They all did an amazing job! And more Mickey! We love him! More talk about the dead dog. She died after Mickey had her tux made. So sad. Think about everything I could say about a dog wearing a tux on the red carpet!
8:13p- Viola Davis' dress looks very Marilyn Monroe. Remember that dress MM wore? Very similar.
8:15p- Miley Cyrus. I dislike her greatly. She has a crazy smoky voice. However, no matter what the people in the room say, I think she looks better than I expected. Anne Hathaway? White might not be her best choice. It's a beautiful dress, though. Will she win for Best Actress? I think Kate Winslet will win, but if Anne wins, I'd be happy.
8:23p- Marisa Tomei - Bold dress choice. I like it, but the consensus is that it needs to be pressed. Of course Seth Rogen and Judd Apatow are at the bar. They're still humorous.
8:28p- They're starting! It's starting! The Oscars are here! Four more hours of blogging! If you're still reading, I'm really impressed!
8:32p - First impression - Hugh Jackman will do a good job and just used the phrase, "That's the way I roll."
8:35p- Anne Hathaway changed her dress. Just for this "spontaneous" musical number?
8:38p - "I'm WOLVERINE!" Best intro since Billy Crystal! Funny and entertaining. Bodes well for the rest of the night. There are still like four hours left!
8:43p - I'm in love with Oscar again. These five supporting actresses are cool. Look at Eva Marie Saint. She was super-pregnant when she received her award for "On the Waterfront." One of the greats. It's nice to see Oscar including previous winners in the awards process.
8:47p - Penelope Cruz wins first award of the evening! Great presentation! So far, her speech is good. Heartfelt.
8:53p - Tina Fey and Steve Martin? Could she be the only person to pull off the champagne/white colored dress? She looks hot!
8:57p- 2nd award - Dustin Lance Black - deserves to win. Great movie. Adorable screenwriter! Politically topical. Good for him! Great speech!
9:01p- Simon Beaufoy for "Slumdog Millionaire" wins best adapted screenplay. Vanessa has been right on every pick so far. She's got a spreadsheet to prove it. I love that I have friends who make Oscar pick spreadsheets!
9:04p- Love that they cut to Angelina Jolie while Jennifer Aniston was doing a horrible job presenting. That was funny; the presentation was not. Even Jack Black couldn't save it. Why are they showing clips from all sorts of animated films when only 3 were nominated? The others must feel pretty horrible about themselves. Weird presentation style on that one. We vote NO. And Wall-E wins! They are presenting the award to a guy who looks a little like Jerry Springer (at least while he was approaching the podium!).
9:09p- Vanessa is still on a winning streak! She even picked the Short Animated Film. Who's even seen this? Well, besides Vanessa. "Presto" was the only movie I saw in this category.
9:16p- I think SJP took a few minutes to adjust her boobs before coming out on stage. "Curious Case of Benjamin Button Wins" - they couldn't let it walk away totally empty-handed. I don't think it will win any acting categories, or Best Picture. Vanessa would like me to point out that she's 6 for 6.
9:20p- "The Duchess" wins for Best Costume. Movie has amazing costumes. And the wigs! My goodness, the wigs! Sometimes I wish someone would tie me into an outfit!
9:24p- Best Make-up goes to "Benjamin Button" - yet another condolence prize for them.
9:33p- How much do we love that Ben Stiller is mocking Joaquin Phoenix's appearance on Letterman?! Fantastic! I posted a clip from that interview a few posts ago. Ridiculous.
9:35p- "Slumdog Millionaire" wins again. Best Cinematography.
9:38p- Jessica Biel doesn't need that extra silk/satin towel hanging out of her dress. Her dress was much better when she presented the scientific awards.
9:44p- Wicked funny Judd Apatow short. The Oscars are on a roll! Now the same guys are presenting. Best Live Action Short. When anyone uses the phrase, "Suck on that!," I'm a fan. Oh Tracey Morgan, what did you start? "Toyland" has Nazis in it - guaranteed win. Vanessa is 10 for 10 awards! Only 14 awards left to go!
9:53p- Hugh Jackman and Beyonce? Undecided. Verdict is out. We seem to be split over here on how we feel about her in general. And what's up with her singing everyone else's songs this year?! Controversy! She's even singing "At Last!" Etta James is pissed! And Zac and Vanessa!! Someone get them off the stage! And the people from "Mamma Mia!" What is going on?! I wish the dancers in the back were all nominees participating in this whole show. This is the perfect time for a bathroom break!
10:02p- They're doing the same thing for the Supporting Actor that they did for Supporting Actress! We love it! What a great group! So that's why Kevin Kline is there! Alan Arkin just said "Seymour Philip Hoffman." Oops. Word is, "That's what you get when you wear your hat to the Oscars!"
10:05p- I love that Cuba Gooding, Jr. gets to introduce Robert Downey, Jr.'s nominated role. Robert Downey is adorable and looks the best he has EVER. Christopher Walken introducing Michael Shannon. Creepy guy introducing a creepy guy. Perfect. Kevin Kline for Heath Ledger. Kevin Kline looks good. We need more of him in movies. "I Love You To Death" is a great movie! Heath Ledger wins. Frankly, he was the only shoe-in for this show. I don't want to see his family accept the award, though. I would rather see Christopher Nolan accept it. These people just seem attention-hungry. Every single member of Heath's family gets to talk but meanwhile, Oscar winners everywhere get cut off by the menacing music? I don't care if it sounds insensitive, but I'm done. I don't care. The dude killed himself, whether by accident or on purpose. Where's the "Don't Do Drugs" message?
10:14p- Bill Maher is presenting an award in a category in which he wasn't nominated ("Religulous"). That seems a tad rude to me. "Man on Wire" wins! The fact that a dude wirewalked between the Twin Towers is UNREAL!
10:17p- VANESSA LOSES FIRST AWARD! "Smile Pinki" wins for Best Doc. Short. This is Award 13 out of 24!
10:22p- Jimmy Kimmel and Tom Cruise? Brilliant. Tom Cruise is on his way to reclaiming his career. If he could just get rid of (or be quiet about) the Scientology thing...
10:25p- WIll Smith is just so gosh-darn amicable. It's hard not to like him. "Benjamin Button" wins yet another technical award. Boring.
10:29p- "The Dark Knight" wins for Best Sound Editing. Seems like a good choice. Of course, this is when the Oscars lose all their viewers. Only nerds like me (and clearly, my friend Vanessa) care about these awards. But hey, everyone deserves their moment to shine. That's why sometimes I stay and watch the end credits at the movies. Plus, sometimes people have really funny names that make me giggle.
10:31p- Best Sound Mixing - "Slumdog Millionaire." I've got no running commentary on this.
10:34p- Vanessa tells me that the white knot/ribbon that some people are wearing stands for "Support of Gay Marriage." Interesting. That's something I did not know.
10:35p- "Slumdog Millionaire" wins Best Film Editing. Unless Freida Pinto is accepting, I don't need to pay attention.
10:42p- All I can think of when I see Eddie Murphy is that he refuses to see his Spice Girls baby. Jerk. And why are they giving Jerry Lewis an award? Didn't they just catch him with a gun at the airport? And doesn't he keep using the word "fag" when he's speaking? Not sure how I feel about this award/recipient.
10:53p- Alicia Keyes is wearing a very pretty dress. Pretty color on her. Zac Efron is wearing almost as much make-up as she is. "Slumdog Millionaire" wins Best Original Score. Congrats to them!
10:56p- Time for Best Original Song - "The Wrestler" was ROBBED! John Legend is stepping in for Peter Gabriel who didn't want to perform because he didn't think he could do his song justice in 60 seconds. I'm just thankful that they're sticking to 60 seconds per song. Ooh... a mash-up of songs. American v. Indian! And "Slumdog Millionaire" wins with "Jai Ho!" This category was, frankly, a total bummer this year. Especially considering last year's Best Song travesty. Anyway, I know I've already mentioned this before. At least Danny Boyle looks happy! He's been like a cartoon character this whole night. If you look really hard, you might be able to see little hearts floating out of his eyes.
11:05p- Liam Neeson and Freida Pinto. She is beautiful! Although I'm not sure about her dress. Doug thinks she must be wicked tall since Liam Neeson is so tall and she's past his shoulder! And "Departures" wins for Best Foreign Film. No one here saw it although we did see "The Class" and "Waltz With Bashir," which we all thought would be the frontrunners. Strange. Oh well. Quite the upset. "I am here because of films! This is a new departure for me!" Adorable.
11:10p- Only 4 awards left. But just in case you were excited to get to the actual awards, first comes the "In Memoriam." Why is Queen Latifah, who I love, wearing a horrible prom dress? What is with this? I want the dead people to get the full-screen treatment! I don't want to see a movie of a movie! For pete's sake! I can't even see who some of these dead people are! This is a ridiculous way to show off the talents and bio of these professionals. We over here in the W.C. are outraged! We want to see the camera stop moving! What a bummer. Nobody claps for Charlton Heston? Oh, I miss Sydney Pollack. And, of course, Paul Newman. You want to talk about a deserving recipient of the Hersholt award - him! And, of course, he's the only one they go full-screen on. On the upside, Queen Latifah sounded great.
11:18p- Yay for the Academy president not making a speech! Although I will say that an ex-Academy president gave me my diploma for grad school and it was sort of exciting. Reese Witherspoon's dress is not flattering. What's up with all these sashy pieces? I'm not really wowed by any of the dresses tonight. Danny Boyle wins Best Director for "Slumdog Millionaire." Not a big surprise although I like that he jumps up and down! He seems really genuine and is giving a great speech. Plus, anyone who speaks with an accent is automatically cooler and cuter than everybody else.
11:25p- We're so close to the end! Which actresses will present? Sofia Loren, Shirley MacLaine, Halle Berry, Nicole Kidman, Marion Cotillard... LOVES IT! I'm sorry, Shirley MacLaine is one of my favorites. Nicole Kidman looks surprisingly kid since I generally loathe her. I have to say, I love the way they're presenting the acting awards this year. It really makes each nominee special - they go home with something more than just a nomination. I'd rather this than the clips they usually show.
11:29p- Sofia Loren aged so well for so long. I guess something finally caught up with her. She's looking a little broken this evening. We like the constant hand on the hip, too. And how is it that Marion Cotillard speaks better english than she does? An enigma. And no matter how I tease Angelina Jolie, she did a great job in "The Changeling," which is a truly painful story to watch. Really. If you haven't seen it, you should. And then, when you get home, google it.
11:32p- Kate Winslet wins Best Actress. We all love her, but she looks a little older than normal. Leo isn't there. He's underrated as an actor and it's sad that he's not there. Vanessa believes that "The Reader" is the wrong Kate Winslet movie to win this year. Nice shampoo bottle reference! What do you think? Are the British mad at her for being too emotional this time?
* Love the shout-out to the family. Any man who can whistle in the middle of the Oscars is okay by me!
11:35p- This is the award we've been waiting for! Mickey or Sean? Mickey OR Sean? ROBERT DENIRO! BEN KINGSLEY! ANTHONY HOPKINS! ADRIEN BRODY! MICHAEL DOUGLAS! I can't help but love Michael Douglas. And I love him with Catherine Zeta-Jones, too.
*Robert DeNiro is funny? He can make jokes? About Sean Penn? Hooray!
* Richard Jenkins is great! A working actor who finally gets his due. He will always be "Academy Award nominee" from now on and that's a pretty great thing. Brad Pitt? He won't win. And shouldn't. Anthony Hopkins has lost too much weight, I think. He looks older than usual.
* Brad Pitt is wearing a giant ring.
* Ben Kingsley just said "Randy 'The Ram' Robinson" and it sounded funny coming from Gandhi. Vanessa SO wants Mickey to win. I'm worried about what will happen if he loses. "The Returning Champ" Mickey Rourke.
*Wow! There was a little screaming in the W.C.! Sean Penn did a FABULOUS job in "Milk" and his only real competition came from Mickey.
* We're still a little sorry we don't get to see Mickey Rourke give an acceptance speech at the Academy Awards. Lots of swears and dog talk. Sean Penn is now talking about gay marriage. Good for him. The first real political speech of the evening (besides Dustin Lance Black's), but it seems genuine. "MIckey Rourke rises again and he is my brother." Good speech. You can't argue with Penn's talent.
11:48p - Steven Spielberg never ages. We have concluded that he plateaued with the aging process like 20 yrs ago.
11:52p- They start announcing the nominees for Best Picture. "Slumdog Millionaire!" Not a surprise. I would have liked "The Wrestler" to be nominated for Best Picture, but c'est la vie. Vanessa announced she got 20 out of 24 awards correct! Unfortunately, we have no prizes. The little "Slumdog" kids are on stage.

*** Okay, I'm done. I don't care about the final speech or the wrap-up. If you've read this long, thank you! This was exhausting. I might not be able to do this next year!

A World of Pure Imagination

I'm working on these maternity photos now and I really love the way this one looks. Thought I would post it so the mommy-to-be could have a sneak peek.

Maternity Photo

We had a really great maternity session. It definitely got a little silly, but I loved every minute of it. Of course, I'm not sure if I'll post the truly silly photos on here, but you never know! Thanks to Katherine and Mike for being such great sports!

In other news, the Oscars are tonight and I am really looking forward to it. Should be interesting to see Hugh Jackman host. I know the guy has turned himself into a song-and-dance man, but can he carry the Oscars? Will it go less than 4 hrs? Will Mickey Rourke beat out Sean Penn for Best Actor? So many questions to answer. I have been challenged/encouraged to blog about the Oscars as they're happening. Normally I do a recap the next day, but I think this might be fun. I'll just have to keep the food and drink away from my keyboard!

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Home Is Just Another Word For You

Here are a few more photos from Anna and Jayson's January wedding at Top of the Hub in Boston. I've also posted the slideshow. Enjoy!


Cake Topper - Ring Shot


Tuesday, February 17, 2009

I'm Fluent in Java Script

So, I just got word that my actual website,, is down. Apparently I have exceeded my traffic quota, which I think means too many people have visited my site! Oops! I'll have to fix that later. In the meantime, you can enjoy all my photos right here on my blog!

I attempted to upgrade my website last night. I haven't seen any change yet, but it might take up to 24 hrs. We'll see how it all goes over the course of the day. Thanks for your patience!

***UPDATE #2***
Website is now back in business! That means that all my slideshows are up and running again. Phew!

We'll Shine Together

If you've been following my blog for a while, you'll have noticed that Krista is one of my "muses." I have so much fun photographing her! The whole process is a blast for us. We thoroughly enjoy each other's company, of course. It had been a while since we had worked in a studio setting. Our last shoots had all been more "environmental," so this was a change. Thanks to Pizzuti Studios for hosting us! They have an amazing set-up that I was happy to take advantage of!

Krista headshot

Krista sitting

Krista standing

DSC_1377 logo


In the next couple of days, I hope to post a slideshow of Anna & Jayson's wedding. I also have some fun, quirky maternity photos to edit and a cool shoot tomorrow! I thought this was the off-season, but there's been nothing off- about it!

Friday, February 13, 2009

I Want to Thank You

2009 Bride's Choice Awards presented by WeddingWire | Wedding Cakes, Wedding Venues, Wedding Photographers & More

When I checked my email this afternoon, I had this guy in the mail! An award! That's pretty exciting (to me, anyway). I'd like to thank my parents, first and foremost, for always encouraging me and letting me get two useless degrees. I'd like to thank Doug for putting up with me and supporting me and loving (or pretending to love) photography. I'd like to thank all those people out there who modeled for me, starting with my Cabbage Patch Kid, Pollyanna Esther (known as Polly Esther, for short). If you could see me right now, you'd know I was just sitting in front of my computer blubbering. Now I know how they feel at the Oscars.

She's Got Legs

High-heeled Shoes

This is a sneak peek from a shoot I did with Krista last week. Every time we work together, I am amazed at what a good model she makes. You know how people never know what to do with their hands? Krista ALWAYS knows what to do with her hands. In fact, she can put them up near her face and make it look good and model-y! That's a talent. And, of course, she's got her other talent - she's a fabulous singer and songwriter and it is my goal to get her heard. So, if you haven't heard her already, you should click on the link above and go visit her page! I'm going to work on the rest of her photos this morning, so maybe there will be more later!

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Ring of Fire

Oh my god! Check this video out - it's crazy. I have no idea what I would do if I were David Letterman - I don't think I would have been able to deal at all!

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

In the Jingle-Jangle Morning

I made a special trip to Target today to pick up some stuff for the apt. You know, stuff like a new scrub brush for the dishes and a bottle of caffeine-free Pepsi. For some reason, I have totally been craving a nice cold glass of Pepsi lately. Anyway, as I was walking through the lovely aisles, wanting to buy everything I saw, whether I need it or not, I came across some really cool wedding invitations. Apparently Target is jumping on the DIY wedding bandwagon and now sells invitations you can print on from home. They were really nice. Some of them were the Target "Club Wedd" brand but the ones I liked best were from a company called Gartner Studios. I believe the ones Target was selling are from the "Letter Impress" collection. They looked simple without looking plain, contemporary without looking trendy, and just all around pretty. So, if you're a bride who's reading this, it might be worth checking out. Best part? Less than $1/invite! Just thought I'd share!

Wherever We're Together, That's My Home

Anna and Jayson got married in a small, intimate ceremony at the Top of the Hub in Boston's Prudential Building. Anna worked hard at creating the perfect ambiance for her guests, which I'm sure couldn't have been easy since the couple lives in Washington, D.C. Their efforts totally paid off - everything was beautiful! This is just a little sneak peek of a few of my favorites.

Anna's color scheme was red and black and this gorgeous red chair just happened to be in the hotel room. I made good use of it in the photos.
Red & Black Wedding, The Shoes

Anna's dog was in the hotel room being totally adorable. I couldn't help but capture a few photos of them together.
Bride with her Dog

Bride with her Dog

I love this photo. To me, it looks like they could be hanging out with Frank Sinatra. The dark wood just creates its own mood and transports you to a different time. Totally swank.
Anna & Jayson, Top of the Hub

What else can I fill you guys in on? Last night I went to a meeting with a bunch of photographers, which was awesome. To be in a room, chatting with and learning from, some of Boston's best is always an inspiration. Every time I speak with these people, I become a better photographer and business woman. I'm so lucky that Boston has made it easy for us all to be friends and resources and not competitors.

I've got a few shoots that I'm working on editing so I can blog them. Things have been really busy! I am now on Twitter, so you guys can follow me there. My ID is megger66. You will also be able to see my updates at the top of my blog, so you can watch them there. I'm also trying to keep track of how many people visit my blog everyday. It's addictive. People all over the world are following this blog - Guam, Argentina, Hawaii, Maryland, etc. So, if you're out there, feel free to leave a comment! Don't be scared! Comments will make my day.

The Oscars aren't too far away now. I just saw The Class the other night. It's a French film nominated for Best Foreign Film. It was good, but seemed a little long. It was sort of like Rachel Getting Married in that it made you part of the story. You suffered through parent/teacher conferences and staff meetings just like the characters did. As someone who has been a part of that world, it could be pretty painful to watch. Overall, good film, though. I have Frozen River at home (Best Actress nominee Melissa Leo) so I need to watch that. And I'm still hoping to see The Reader. Maybe Friday!

Friday, February 6, 2009

Toonces the Driving Cat

So, I know this cat isn't driving a car, but I'm pretty sure this is the same face Toonces had every time he drove over that cliff!


The photo isn't entirely in focus, but it makes me laugh out loud so I had to post it!

We're Gonna Have a Good Time

Meet my new best friend Lucy. She needed absolutely no direction for this shoot, if you can imagine that!






Lucy turns one this month and to celebrate, she had her own "itty bitty Birthday Session." These are sessions I'm offering for babies turning one! They come with everything you see here (except the baby - you provide the baby) and more (think customized cake from the itty bitty bake shop and a super-cute album). If you're interested in learning more about these very special photo shoots, drop me an email! In the meantime, I know Lucy's family will love these photos. Can I tell you that the whole time we were shooting, we were all dying laughing? I think Lucy's parents had as much fun on the shoot as Lucy did, minus the sugar high (and subsequent drop). I should have had someone photographing them! I am so excited about these sessions and hope to do a ton this year! So, if you know someone with a baby about to turn one, you know where to send them! I just realized how many exclamation points I used in this paragraph. A lot. But that's just how excited I am!

Believe It Or Not, It's Just Me

Days without posting and now I'm going to post without a photo! Scandalous! While I had the impulse to write, I thought I should take advantage of it. The strangest thing happened to Doug and I this morning and I feel the need to share. We were walking to my car and I noticed there were some cars backed up by the drive-by mailboxes in my town. I thought, "Hmmm, that's strange. Maybe I'll drop the Netflix in later." When we got closer, we realized there was no one in the front car. Someone had essentially pulled up to the mailbox, put it in park, and got out. It was still running even. The cars behind it were starting to go around (but now they couldn't reach the mailbox). It was ugly. Doug decided to explore further. I heard him say, "There's a baby in there." HUH?! WHAT?! Indeed, there was a baby in the car. The car that was running. And parked. And blocking traffic. Who on earth would leave their toddler in a running car in the street? Now, Doug and I surmised that whoever had done this had probably just run into the post office for a minute. However, before anyone claiming the car/baby combo appeared, a cop showed up on the scene. Since Doug and I were standing by the abandoned car/baby, we filled him in on what was going on. When we finished, we figured since the cops were there, we could leave. We had to get Doug to work on time, you know. As we were getting into the car, a woman came running across the street yelling, "Officer! Officer!" He said something back to her and she said, "I was only gone a minute." Uhm, inaccurate. We had been standing there for about 7 minutes and the car had already been there when we showed up. We have no idea what happened to the mom after we left. The baby seemed absolutely fine. But, really, in what reality is it okay to leave your child in the car by itself, with the car running, in the street? What is this world coming to? Did this woman really not have the time to pull into a parking space and take the child out of the car and into the post office? Was she having some sort of mail emergency? All very very strange. The things you see in the W.C.!