Thursday, January 31, 2008

Like Frankie Said, Part Deux

I couldn't resist. Here are more photos from Carrick and Courtney's wedding:

The bride & her dad, waiting to walk down the aisle.

I now pronounce you man & wife.

Arriving at the reception.

The first dance.

Photos of the bride & groom.

I posted a lot of kissing photos today; I must like them.
Tonight, Lost comes back on TV after a very long absence, so that will be the big happening for the day. Happy Thursday everyone!

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Like Frankie Said I Did It My Way

Carrick and Courtney were my first wedding of 2008. It was absolutely gorgeous! They got married at the Peabody Essex Museum in Salem, MA, with their ceremony in an amazing library and the cocktail hour and reception were in exhibit rooms. Talk about tons of places to take pictures! You couldn't ask for a better location. So, here are some shots from the night...


{the happy couple}

{the end of the night}

When I went to get my coat at the end of the reception, this is what I saw in the coatcheck room - Courtney's wedding dress hanging among her guests' coats. Towards the end of the party, Courtney and Carrick changed from their fancy wedding attire into simpler wedding attire. It's a tradition you don't see a lot of these days, but I like it! Why not end the night in clothes you're totally comfortable in?

I'll probably post some more photos from this wedding, but this was a good start! Also, a huge shout-out to photographer Tara Gurry for letting me piggyback! I had a fabulous time "working" with her.

Monday, January 28, 2008

All I Can Breathe Is Your Life

When Jovee and I were in Boston the other day, we wandered into one of the old graveyards on Tremont St. to check it out. I've been in there many times, but very few times as a photographer. Many of the headstones have this design on it.

Jovee pointed out that she was glad some PR person somewhere decided life would be better if angels weren't represented by skulls with wings. I'm not sure who that person was or when the change happened, but I thank them, too.

Okay, on to a different subject. Last night, the SAG Awards were on and I want to talk about them, just in case there's no Academy Awards ceremony. First, I was amazed at how much I just enjoyed watching it all (and then of course I got mad that we missed the Golden Globes this year). I totally watched as much of the red carpet coverage as I could, because I'm a total dork. Doug was a great sport about it considering it meant he couldn't play with the Wii for most of the night. Here's a rundown:
1) For me, the biggest disappointment was that "The Sopranos" took home the awards in the TV Drama categories. I never realized the SAG voters were such a sentimental lot. I was really pulling for "Mad Men" and, really, any of the other women. I'm sure there are plenty of people who disagree with me, and that's okay, too.
2) Daniel Day-Lewis' speech about Heath Ledger was touching (especially since his In Memoriam tribute was lame), but it would have seemed wildly inappropriate and insincere had it come from anybody else.
3) I was happy Angelina Jolie didn't wear black or grey, but I have to say, she's only fueling the "pregnant with twins" rumor. Plus, she tripped on her own dress walking down the red carpet and almost flashed everyone. What do you think Brad would have done?!
4) Charles Durning is awesome.
5) Mickey Rooney is doing remarkably well but is clearly insane and jealous of Charles Durning. I mean, come on, the man was PRESENTING an award and still managed to thank his wife. And that crazy lady stood up and blew kisses to the audience! That's a bit of an overreaction considering he's had 7 wives before her to thank.

Now a note on SAG. Some people find the "My name is so-and-so and I'm an Actor" bits annoying; I like them. Doug is a member of SAG and he worked really hard to get that card. He earned it in 2001 by working on the film Moonlight Mile. Most SAG members do not end up on any red carpet. They're working actors - people who make their livings by acting, but whose names you'll never know. Doug worked on dozens of movies and TV shows and I loved when he'd come home and tell me all the stories from the set - all the minor interactions with the major stars. What can I say? I'm a sucker for Hollywood. Without SAG, it would have been impossible for him to make a living doing what he was doing. That very first year, we (and by we, I mean "he") got to vote for the SAG Awards. We actually filled in the bubbles next to the names of the actors we wanted to win. We had a say. We got to go to the SAG nominated movies for free so that when the ballots came out, we could make informed decisions. Even though the winners of the show last night are talented, SAG exists to help those other actors, too. I remember watching the very first SAG Awards show (just another reason I dislike Jason Alexander, but that's a story for another post), but I had no idea what SAG was. Now I know, and knowing is half the battle.

Friday, January 25, 2008

I'll Watch My Heart Set Sail

I've been designing pages for a sample wedding album and I just thought I'd share. These photos are from Jamie and Mike's wedding way back in June. Going through them again makes me long for the beach. Sigh.

Today's big news is that I bought Doug (and me) a Wii today. I haven't decided yet whether that's good or bad. I'm hoping the mild exercise we might get playing the games will balance out the total time suck.

Thursday, January 24, 2008

Though Your Nose Gets A Chillin'

As if we hadn't been out in the cold long enough, Jovee topped off her afternoon with some ice skating at the Frog Pond on Boston Common. We met up with Caroline, another photographer, and while they triple toe looped around the rink, I stayed on the side and took silly pictures.

I love this one of Caroline. She just looks so graceful. Really.

I'll have more photos to post soon.

So, the Oscar nominations were announced this past Tuesday. No real surprises. I was disappointed Eddie Vedder didn't get a Best Song nod for his work on "Into the Wild." And, I definitely need to find out the rules regarding Foreign Film submissions. It seems ridiculous that "The Diving Bell and the Butterfly" and "4 Months, 3 weeks, and 2 Days" didn't get nominated. Usually I try to see as many of the nominees as I can before the Awards show, but with the televised ceremony up in the air, I'm not feeling the pressure. It just takes a lot of the fun out of it. However, I am going to try to see "There Will Be Blood." I think Daniel Day-Lewis will win Best Actor. He's just one of those guys who is nominated every time he's in a film. And since I should be able to get "The Assassination of Jesse James" and "American Gangster" through Netflix before the show, I'll probably watch those. Those are my goals; to see three movies by Feb. 24th. Should be easy.

Let My Love Open the Door

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Don't Take My Picture

Okay, so the title lyric for this post is from the song "I Hate Camera" by The Bird and The Bee, and it's meant to be somewhat ironic. Anyone who knows me knows I'm a supermodel in the wrong body. I can be a bit of a ham, but I don't think there's anything wrong with that. Especially when I'm doing it in the service of a fellow photographer. My friend Jovee and I had a little photoshoot this past summer. I posted some of the photos I took of her shortly thereafter, but it took us months to actually get together and exchange photos. This is one of my favorites that she took of me:

Today, Jovee and I are venturing out into the cold (we apparently like photoshoots in extreme temperatures) for a photo safari in downtown Boston. I'm really excited. I'm all layered up in my winter clothes as we speak!

Monday, January 21, 2008

I'm Such A Happy Individual

Okay, these are the last photos I'm going to post from this wedding.

This photo is from Natalia and Kyle's exuberant first dance to "You Make Me Feel So Young." They had a whole choreographed number to perform. It rocked.

Here's a shot of the Boston fireworks at midnight on New Year's Eve.

I shot a wedding and had an engagement shoot this weekend, plus I've got shoots the next couple of days. Keep checking back for some new photos. And don't forget to bundle up and stay warm!

P.S. - Oscar nominations come out tomorrow!

Friday, January 18, 2008

You Make Me Feel So Young

Here are a few more photos from Natalia and Kyle's wedding...

Okay, so now on to some other stuff... The Golden Globes. Obviously I was extremely disappointed that there was no ceremony - that meant no good celebrity gossip. I was extremely disappointed, though, in NBC's treatment of the awards. First of all, they didn't even give us the winners to all of the awards - for instance, Best Screenplay, which this year, is a really good category. Also, Best Song, which Eddie Vedder ended up winning. Did NBC think its viewers didn't care about these awards? I'd think Best Screenplay would have been that much more topical considering the writers' strike going on right now. I was unaware that E! was basically just filming the actual news conference that took place. I would have much rather watched that. The only movie I didn't see that won an award is "There Will Be Blood" which is definitely on my list. Here are the awards I "disagreed" with:

Best Musical/Comedy: "Sweeney Todd" won. It was a great, cool film, but I'm not sure it should have beat out Juno. I'm absolutely fine with Johnny Depp's win for Best Actor in a Musical/Comedy.

Best Actress in Musical/Comedy: French actress Marion Cotillard won for her work in "La Vie En Rose." She was amazing! However, "La Vie En Rose" was neither a musical nor a comedy, so I don't like that she won for this. However, apparently I would have to take on the Hollywood Foreign Press because this is how they categorize all dramas that feature music (like "Walk the Line").

Best Supporting Actress: The award went to Cate Blanchett for "I'm Not There." Her part was definitely the best in the movie, but I thought the award would go to Amy Ryan for her work in "Gone Baby Gone."

Okay, so that's all I have to say about that. It will be interesting to see what happens with the Oscars; will the writers' strike be over by then? At least I have the SAG Awards to keep me busy!

Thursday, January 17, 2008

You Make Me Feel There Are Songs to be Sung

I think this is the longest time I've gone without blogging in a while! So much is going on even though January is one of those photographically slow months. First, I want to post some photos from Natalia and Kyle's wedding. They got married on New Year's Eve, surrounded by their friends, family, and, eventually, fireworks!

Instead of having a wedding cake, Natalia and Kyle decided on a sundae bar. Now that's my idea of heaven! Here's a photo of my favorite topping:

And this is an amazing photo my partner-in-photography-crime, Emily, captured while I was busy with the formals!

I'm going to post these for now and I'll talk about everything else (Golden Globes, Oscars, the state of the world) later.

Friday, January 4, 2008

Let's Go to the Movies, Let's Go See The Stars

This photo is from of a senior session I had this fall and since I'm now experimenting with textures, I thought I would post an example. I really like the added "noise" in this one. It didn't change the color too much, but added a certain something. Very cool. You might need to make it large in order to really see the details.

I hope everyone is having a wonderful new year so far! I have been in total movie mode in preparation for awards season which kicks off with the Golden Globes on January 13th (which is also Doug's birthday). Today I had a double-header - "Walk Hard: The Dewey Cox Story" and "Charlie Wilson's War." Out of the seventeen movies originally on my list, I have seen eight. Not bad. I've still got nine days to go...

Thursday, January 3, 2008

Sweetheart, I'm Telling You...

Here comes the zoo,
Here comes success!
- "Success," Iggy Pop

After many hours of research and and screwing things up, I finally figured out how to apply textures to my photos! Look out world, here I come!

This ring shot came from the wedding I shot the other night. Aren't they gorgeous?

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

We'll Take A Cup of Kindness Yet

Happy New Year! I got to celebrate with a wonderful couple and their families on their wedding day. The wedding was so much fun! I'll be trying to get some of those photos posted in the next week. 2007 has been a really amazing year. I struck out on my own last year and have managed to make it, which I am grateful for every day. I'm grateful for every day I get to photograph children, families, headshots, and weddings. Every day I get to go to the movies. Every day I get to spend hanging out with my friends and family. Every day I get to cook a real meal. Every day I get the dishes done. Every day I learn something new, about photography, the world, or life in general. I'm so excited for what the next year will bring. Thank you to all my 2007 clients - each shoot was so much fun! I am so lucky to be able to do what I love, with people I genuinely enjoy spending time with. The upcoming year will bring all sorts of changes and growth, both personal and business. Never a dull moment.

So as not to post without a photo, here's a picture of my Christmas pig. This guy used to hang out with my grandmother and after she passed away, he was homeless. It seemed no one wanted him. Now, I live in a very tiny apartment and did not want to acquire any large pigs. I claimed some of my grandmother's smaller pigs that now decorate small corners of bookshelves and that seemed adequate. This guy is not that small, but one look at his face and I had to take him in. It's got so much character. Plus, he's like a Scottish-golfing-Christmas pig, and who can resist that? In a world of hyphenates, this guy just stood out. I felt like Charlie Brown picking out a tiny little Christmas tree. So, after all that build-up, here he is: