Thursday, March 6, 2008

Trading in My Chevy For a Cadillac-ack-ack-ack-ack

(oddly enough, my first car was a Cadillac and my second was a Chevy)

This is The Lunchbox. The Lunchbox was originally the stereo in Doug's Firebird, circa 1994. It pulls out and you can carry it around by its handle, hence the name. The Lunchbox found its way into my car in 2001. You see, I parked my car on a nice residential street in the Valley and when I returned to it, my new stereo was GONE! At the time, I was living in South Central where I had encountered no crime. One day in the Valley, and BOOM!, the stereo is gone. I drove around for months with an empty void in my car. Doug, being innovative, managed to get The Lunchbox to Los Angeles from Boston and installed it in my car using directions he found on the internet. We made a mess of the wires, but the end result was that I had a working stereo and that was what mattered. I've been driving around with The Lunchbox in my car for over six years now and it has done a fine job. At least, until a few months ago when it just stopped working, like a lot of other things in my car. So, when I went to buy a new car, I traded my old one in. There were a few days between buying the new car and actually getting it and Doug asked that I take a photo of The Lunchbox, since it would be finding itself dismantled/trashed/auctioned soon. So, here it is, in all its dusty glory.

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Jackie said...

Do you have a photo of your new car? I'm so sorry about your Chevy. I was also saddened when my husband and I needed to replace our eleven year old Impala. We considered looking at used car dealerships (Indianapolis area) as my father in-law suggested that it would save us more cash. We agreed to take one of the most efficient used cars (Indianapolis), the 2010 Chevrolet Malibu which is offered to us for less than $19,000. What about you? What Cadillac model did you buy? We saw a 2004 Cadillac DeVille during our car buying trip, and it's a classic.