Sunday, March 4, 2007

Hello, my friend, hello

Don't hate me for quoting Neil Diamond. There's a lot of pressure in coming up with something witty to start off a blog. I wanted a place where I could stay in touch with people, and my photography. With this blog, I'm able to update my portfolio and share my photos without having to harass the patient guy on the other side of the country in charge of my official website. I've never blogged before and am not ashamed to say I had my good friend Dorie assist me in setting up this account, which ended up being the smart thing to do when I couldn't figure out how to log back in to it. Oops. There wasn't even wine involved. This will be the first time I actually post photos. Here goes nothing...

These are some of the greatest guys I know.

This is a photo of Zehara, a belly dancer, and her snake Manasa. I took photos of them recently and all the photos look great. It was such a wonderful experience. I absolutely became fascinated with photographing the snake - he looked good in all his photos! Just look at that tongue!

This is Krista Baroni, a singer/songwriter, who as you can see is extremely beautiful and photogenic. Taking pictures of her is always a fun experience and we both enjoy experimenting with the shoot, whether it's with make-up, location, or weather!

I think this has been a successful first blog. I had a shoot yesterday that I need to work on and then I can post some of my favorite photos from that! Thanks for reading.

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