Monday, May 26, 2008

The Girl Can't Help It

Okay, so I can't help posting some photos from this shoot even though I'm not done editing it. And Krista can't help but be beautiful in just about every photo I take of her. Jon's not too bad, either, considering this was his first try at supermodeling!

In order for this one to have maximum impact, you might need to make it larger. Enjoy!

I'm sure there will be plenty more where these came from!

My Memorial Day weekend is winding down. Besides shooting the Bat Mitzvah, I also had a shoot today, which was great. It was outside, so that meant I got to play in the woods. I have to admit, my idea of a good time does not usually include being outside for long periods of time, but I'm getting better as I get older. Going to the movies is ALWAYS my idea of a good time, which is why I went to see Indiana Jones this weekend. I have always loved the Indiana Jones movies, so I felt a need to see it opening weekend. There are plenty of things I can say about it, but I think people need to make up their own minds on this one. I wouldn't want to spoil it for anyone. Regardless, it's a good time. Harrison Ford still rocks my world, AARP member or not!

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