Sunday, May 25, 2008

She Sees Love Where Anyone Else Would See Weeds

Yesterday I had the pleasure of once again working with wicked talented photographer extraordinaire Rachel of Merge Weddings. We photographed a bat mitzvah. I had never been to a bat/bar mitzvah, never mind photographed one. Let me tell you, it was awesome! There was yummy food, a super-cool DJ, and thankfully, good weather. You're not allowed to photograph inside the Temple when the ceremony is taking place, so I had a little down time to explore my surroundings. I would never fancy myself a "landscape" photographer; I tend to enjoy people and cities over flowers and fields. However, this grouping of buttercups and dandelions was hard to resist. So, a photo for you!

Other than that, life has been really busy. I was in Baltimore for the weekend, which was great. The plane rides were horrible. I will most likely never go on a propeller plane again. At least not without some sort of medication. I've been photographing up a storm and have some fun shoots lined up in the upcoming weeks. Lots of things to keep me busy. Also, the thing that's been keeping me busiest of all is ending soon, at which point, I can resume my regularly scheduled lifestyle. Wedding season, here I come!

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