Friday, August 14, 2009

Everybody Cut Loose

So, in case there's anyone out there still playing the Kevin Bacon game, I totally recommend you see (or at least study up on) the movie "Loverboy." "Who's in it?," you ask. Well, Kevin Bacon, Marisa Tomei, Kyra Sedgwick, Campbell Scott, Oliver Platt, Sandra Bullock, and Matt Dillon. You film buffs may also recall that Kyra Sedgwick, Campbell Scott, and Matt Dillon were all in the seminal 90s film "Singles."

Since Tess has been staying with us, we have watched a lot of movies. Now, granted, I watch a lot of movies on my own, too, but it helps to have someone else partaking. The other day I found a flyer on my car advertising my local video store. As you can imagine, video stores aren't doing so well these days. However, the one in Winchester Center was recently purchased by a family who hopes to preserve the sense of community that our local video store offered. Normally, I am pretty peeved by people who leave flyers under my windshield wiper, but i found this one to be pretty heartwarming. I like being part of a community. I love that I walk down the street and get to wave to multiple people. So, when the flyer mentioned the video store was going to close for a couple of weeks for renovations and they were trying to get rid of some inventory, Tess and I took advantage. You could rent one movie, get one for free, and keep them for 2 weeks. So, I might have gone in there and rented 10 movies. Hey, I'm supporting local business!

Here's what we've watched so far:
The Rocker -stars Rainn Wilson, Christina Applegate, and a host of other people. Surprisingly funny with surprisingly catchy music
He's Just Not That Into You - stars Everyone. Not bad, but not great. I could probably write an entire essay on it, but I'll spare you from that. If only Kevin Bacon was in this one! The options would be endless!
The Boy in the Striped Pajamas - stars two amazing little boys. Pretty heartbreaking. I think it was good that I was finishing up some editing while it was on, or I would have been a mess. Good, but definitely better as a rental.

We still have 7 more movies to go, but Tess is only here for a few more days. Not sure we'll make it through all of them, but it could be a nice personal challenge!

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Jenny said...

I don't think I could make it through Striped Pajamas either without a distraction. I haven't seen it, but it sounds sad!!