Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Something Tells Me I'm Into Something Good

Since Kate is a Brit, I thought it fitting that we top this post off with a song lyric from the British Invasion (or from Naked Gun, depending on what your point of reference is). I met up with Kate and Nathan for their engagement session last month, in the midst of the rainy season. Literally, as soon as I pulled up to their place, it started to downpour. Are you kidding me?! We decided to wait it out and were able to carry on in just a few minutes. We went over to Powder House Square in Somerville and enjoyed using the park as our location. So, most people around here are familiar with Powder House Square, but how many actually know this park exists? I drive around that rotary all the time and never realized there was a beautiful spot right there, just waiting for its close-up.

Kate & Nathan, engagement session

Kate and Nathan are getting married this month and I am so excited for their wedding. Kate has filled me in on some of the wedding details and I can't wait to set my camera on all of them!

Kate & Nathan, engagement session

Kate & Nathan, engagement session

Kate & Nathan, engagement session

Rumor has it, there will be hats at the wedding. I might have to try to come up with a headpiece that I can wear to pay homage to this British tradition. Kate & Nathan, you guys were great! I'll be seeing you soon!


Kate Williamson said...

These are great - thanks Meg

Jenny said...

You need a fascinator!