Friday, September 18, 2009

Pin Her Down On A Photograph Album

Here are a few photos from a recent boudoir session. These were given as a gift to a groom from his bride and I wanted to wait to post them until after the wedding. The more risque ones will remain for his eyes only. Boudoir sessions are so much fun! Women do them for their significant others, as well as for themselves. It's another way to pamper yourself. Who doesn't love having a make-up artist do their make-up? I think we pretty much all wish there was someone hanging around all day, just to apply make-up correctly. I know we had fun on this shoot - good music, good people, and we ended with ice cream!

Boudoir, Boston

Boudoir, Boston

Boudoir, Boston

Isn't she beautiful? Congratulations on the wedding, you two!

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Jenny said...

She sent me all the pictures and I thought they were BEAUTIFUL! (No surprise there - awesome photographer and beautiful subject!)

Another great job - to you both!

P.S. 1 month from today til our wedding! Cannot wait to share it with you Meg!