Monday, November 2, 2009

It Had To Be You, Wonderful You

Yet another couple whose engagement photos weren't posted until well after their actual wedding! Just goes to show you how busy things have been over here. When I first started talking with Isobel about her wedding photography, I knew I really wanted to be her photographer. She loves movies (nearly/almost/maybe) as much as I do! Over the course of us emailing back and forth about business, she actually went and sat in the bleachers at the Golden Globes! Hello?! How jealous was I?! So, I considered myself very lucky when she and her fiance Jimmy chose me as their wedding photographer.

We went back to the site of one of their first dates for their engagement session. We had a gorgeous afternoon. Thank goodness there have been more of those this fall than there were this summer. These two are so adorable together and they have the most beautiful blue eyes!
Is & Jimmy, engagement shoot

Is & Jimmy, engagement shoot

Is & Jimmy, engagement shoot

Isobel & Jimmy's wedding photos are being processed as I write! I am hard at work editing, I swear! I've barely even made it to the movies! I will admit to having seen Amelia this weekend. It was okay. I don't know if it's Academy Award-worthy or anything. Doug came with me and I liked it better than he did. I enjoyed, and appreciated, the narrative structure of the film, and the way the filmmakers (Mira Nair directed) dealt with the "ending" of her story. There's something about Ameila Earhart (or at least how she was portrayed) that reminded me of my grandmother. Maybe it's her inherent midwesternness. Maybe it's that tomboy strength. Maybe it's her short hair and freckles. Anyway, I'm a sucker for an emotional connection. For me, that identification brings an added dimension to the film and my feelings towards it. At some point, I'll have to post a photo of my grandmother so you can sort of see what I'm talking about. But I'm also a little crazy. I feel the same way about Julia Child (although my grandmother was very tall and they dressed similarly). Back to movies... I'm super-excited to see The Men Who Stare At Goats. That's on the menu for next week. And I can already tell that Invictus is going to end up on my list (whether I like it or not).

Hope everyone had a happy Halloween weekend!

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