Friday, August 3, 2007

Oh I Like Coffee & I Like Tea

This song ("Run Around" by Blues Traveler) reminds me so much of my freshman year of college and the friends I made then. Dael lived in my dorm and we had Spanish together that very first semester. She transferred after that year, but over a decade later, we still see each other whenever we can. Which is rare, because she lives in Colorado. She and her family were in Maine this week and I had to take the rare opportunity to hang out with them. Plus, since I saw her last, she's had two kids! Yikes! So, here are a couple of baby photos from my day at Sebago Lake!

{Zoey Quinn}

{Dempsey Sage}

{Zoey & Mom}

This is Dael's niece Addison. How cute is she?

Apparently, it is of public opinion that Zoey looks like a Doozer from Fraggle Rock; you be the judge.

I know the picture of this little Doozer is small, but I definitely think there's a resemblance, especially with the hair!

I feel like I'm so behind in posting my photos! I wanted to put these up because I'm going away this weekend and I will not be going near a computer until I return on Sunday night! My eyes need a break. It will be right back to work on Monday, though. Have a wonderful summer weekend!

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