Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Upside Down, Boy You Turn Me

As long as the sun continues to shine
There's a place in my heart for you
That's the bottomline

This is my wonderful friend Doug. I've put his photos to the tune of Diana Ross' song "Upside Down." We lived together our senior year of college, with three other people. Besides our one roommate Bill who was on the college basketeball team, we weren't really an exercising group of people. Instead of going to the gym (yuck!), we danced. We danced our hearts out. We went through phases with songs - I think it all started with the song "Crush" by Jennifer Paige. But it continued with "Believe" by Cher, "Livin' La Vida Loca" by Ricky Martin, "Hit Me Baby One More Time" by Britney Spears, "Save Tonight" by Eagle Eye Cherry, and "Upside Down" by Miss Ross. I'm quite sure we danced our way through many more songs but these are the ones that really stick out.

Enough nostalgia. You might have guessed I revel in it, but I will move on to the photos at hand. Doug lives south of the Mason-Dixon line in Baltimore but came up here for a visit. We had a lot of fun hanging out in a park down at the Seaport where I managed to grab some of the images. The other ones are in Provincetown, MA. There's nothing like Cape Cod in the summer. I had never been as far out as P-town, despite growing up here, so I had a lot of fun!

I thought this was a really cool photo. I love the way the light outlines his body!

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Emily said...

It was fun to look at the blog and see Doug. He doesn't look a day different. Glad to hear you guys had a nice visit.