Tuesday, June 24, 2008

I'm Wasted By The Way She Moves

Once again I had the pleasure of photographing the lovely Zehara. This time, we added fire to the mix. It was so much fun! I, of course, am not usually found playing with snakes or fire, but I'm totally enthralled by them when Zehara's in control. Maybe I'm being hypnotized by the belly dancing. I also had a lot of fun playing around with the post-processing of the images and I'm really happy with the way they came out. Take a look!

In other news, I saw Steely Dan in concert last night. Totally awesome. They didn't play as many of their greatest hits as I would have wanted, but they sounded amazing regardless. Really. They haven't lost it. I've seen a lot of 60s and 70s singers perform and there are very few who still sound just as good. I can now count Steely Dan on the short list. Know who's not on the short list? Bob Dylan. So that's my nutshell review - if you like Steely Dan, catch them in concert. They still sing "Hey, Nineteen" like they did decades ago.

Another nutshell review. Today I watched a new documentary on the director Roman Polanski. It was fascinating. It focused mainly on his late 1970s arraignment for rape and his subsequent fleeing of the country, but the movie also took into consideration his past. This is a guy who survived the Holocaust as a child when his parents were sent to concentration camps - his mother died, his father barely survived. Then, as an adult, his 8-month-pregnant wife is a victim of the horrible Manson Family massacre. Then in the late 70s, he has to deal with the rape accusation. The movie does not take sides, but it deals instead with the facts and how, regardless of whether he was guilty or not, there was a mishandling of justice by the judge. What's crazy is that a lot of the major players participated - the A.D.A., the Defense Attorney, the victim's attorney, and the victim herself. If you're interested in movies, Polanski, or Hollywood history, this is a good documentary to check out!

Last but not least, we're finally starting to move into our new place. In fact, I think tonight we might even sleep in the bedroom and not the living room. Maybe tomorrow night we'll have a bureau to put our clothes in. I can hope, right?

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