Wednesday, October 29, 2008

I'm Learning to Fly

Finally I can get back to posting! Just yesterday I essentially finished editing all of this season's weddings, which has me very excited. My next wedding is in about two months - in Buenos Aires! The holidays are right around the corner. Every year, I photograph my friend Tiffany's family. I've been doing it since before her son was born (she was my first maternity shoot out of the studio) and it's always fun to spend some time with them. Earlier this month I was able to scoot down to the Cape for a visit and a photo shoot.

Here's Nick. He loved riding on his scooter. He seemed to think I was pretty amusing, so I'll thank him for that when he gets older.

This is Nick's best friend Ruby. Adorable, huh? I have a feeling their moms are planning some sort of pagan betrothal.

And this little guy is Ruby's baby brother Odin.

It was awesome that we could still take advantage of the nice autumn weather. I can't say enough about Tiffany and her family. I can tell you she is an amazing wife, mother, and friend but the words could never convey the actuality of it all. I'm lucky to have her in my life, for sure! When we were in high school, we stood in line in the snow at the crack of dawn to get tickets to see Tom Petty at the Boston Garden - the REAL Boston Garden. It seemed only fitting to use a Petty song for her post.

Now that I've come up for air, you'll be seeing a lot of new posts. I've still got a couple of weddings to write about as well as a lot of other shoots! Stay tuned...

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