Wednesday, October 15, 2008

It's a Little Bit Funny

Oh blog, how I've missed you! I'm working VERY hard so that I can post some more wedding photos and other assorted goodies soon. Now that it's October, my holiday sittings are in full swing, which is really exciting. Kids are adorable. It's a simple but true statement. In the midst of my editing, here are some things that have been swirling around in my mind:

1. As a photographer, branding and marketing are very important. How do you want people to think of you? How will you get them to do this? Do you have a logo? A slogan? So many companies rely on a consistent image so that when you see it (or hear it), you know exactly what company it is. It seems to be relatively effective. Has anyone out there besides me noticed that GEICO has three distinct commercial campaigns running on tv? Can you name them? They have the GEICO gecko, the cavemen, and then the commercials where the famous people translate the accident story of the regular person. Did you know that all those commercials belonged to one company? When you think of GEICO, which one comes to your head? Is having that many different campaigns out there effective? Since I'm thinking about my own company and how to brand and market myself, I just find it very interesting. Thoughts?

2. Also having to do with advertising. I saw an ad the other day on my computer for a new car (can't remember the company). One of the things they promoted the car as having was "real time weather." Uhm, I don't need a weather update in real-time. Without being a meteorologist, I can tell if it's raining, sunny, cloudy, snowing. If I'm confused, I can stick my hand out the car window.

See what your mind turns to after weeks of editing and not really leaving the house, except to shoot (which only adds to the editing). I'm working on a post with photos now, so hopefully I'll be back in the next couple of days!

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