Wednesday, April 8, 2009

You Are The One I've Been Waiting For Today

In the beginning of February, I photographed Katherine's maternity photos. We had a ton of fun playing around and coming up with new crazy photos (the silliest of which were not posted). How excited was I when I got to photograph her new baby?! Meet Emeline. She was less than three weeks old when we took these photos and already a pro in front of the camera. I mean, come on, babies this little aren't supposed to smile for the camera! Instead of blaming her smiles on the usual excuses, I am just going to joyfully assume she loves me.

Baby Toes

Baby's Funny Face

Sleeping Baby


Swaddled Baby

Baby With Tongue Out

There were so many fabulous photos, but I figured I should limit the post. Plus, I want Emeline's parents to be surprised when they see the rest of them. And thanks to Katherine, who, when I walked in and said, "So, you trust me, right?" didn't even flinch and totally let me be creative. Plus, she let me cuddle the baby for a few.

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Paula said...

Those baby pictures are adorable. Beautiful job! How could she not love you.
Paula Macinanti