Monday, April 20, 2009

She's Been Living In Her Uptown World

Model in the Alley

This weekend I had a great session with Haley! This is just one of the many many MANY photos I took that day. What makes me so happy about this photo is the off-camera lighting. Hooray! See, as a photographer, I really love using natural light as much as possible. However, I still want to know how to master my flash. Over the winter, I even took a couple of wicked fun classes on using your flash off-camera. Hopefully, this experiment of mine will make James and Doug proud! I also had a newborn shoot and an engagement shoot this weekend, so I have lots of editing to do! Happy Patriot's Day and Marathon Monday!


Rachel said...

gurl, this is HAWT. I think you just took it to the next level.

Fed said...

I think Rachel said it! Awesome! And totally proud that you are loving the new flash freedom

livingwithstyle said...

Great photo! Wow, models! Can she handle those heels though...she looks like she is balancing!