Monday, July 16, 2007

I Listen to the Wind, to the Wind of My Soul

I took these photos last week and am so excited about them! Hopefully the subject will feel the same way. Moon is an actor and filmmaker who needed some headshots and I like to photograph headshots - a match made in heaven. It had been a while since I had chatted with someone about making movies, so that was especially nice. And, when I quoted "Almost Famous" he knew right where it came from! Hence the song reference. Plus, I saw Mandy Moore in concert today (am I a teenybopper or what?) and she sang a Cat Stevens' song and it just seems to be a Cat Stevens sort of afternoon.

You may notice that I'm experimenting with watermarking my photos. I notice a lot of other photographers putting their names on the photos on their blogs and on Flickr - it's to prevent photo theft. This way, if someone steals my photos (which you SHOULD NOT do), my name is on them. Unless otherwise noted, all of the photos on my blog and on my Flickr account were taken by me and are my property. But don't worry - I won't tell anyone if you illegally download songs or make copies of your Netflix DVDs.

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