Monday, July 23, 2007

Making Friends For the World to See

I thought a lyric from Elton John (or more specifically, Bernie Taupin) would be appropriate for this post. I recently celebrated a milestone birthday and this post is about showing off one of my birthday gifts. I have some very creative friends, and most days I consider myself creative. However, when I compare myself to Kristi, she consistently blows me out of the water. She gives Martha Stewart a real run for her money, and I'm not exaggerating. Her talent never ceases to amaze me. A few months ago, my mother threatened to get rid of a bunch of my stuff from the attic. She's been doing this since I graduated college many years ago, but for some reason, I believed her this time. One of the bags she was going to throw out was full of my old concert t-shirts. My first concert was The Pointer Sisters - they played on Boston Common as part of the "Concert on the Common" series. The year was 1987. I went to concerts every year after that. Soon I was caught up in the seedy world of concert t-shirts- I wanted them all! And, much to my present day chagrin, I wanted them XL. I have no idea why. The thought of my mother throwing my shirts in the trash broke my heart. In a panic, I sent up my Bat Signal to my real-life arts & crafts superhero, and she answered the call. What you see here is the result of her blood, sweat, and tears (I've seen them, too, but didn't buy a t-shirt - i do have a photo with the band, though), and years and years of me buying unnecessarily large t-shirts.

Look how big the quilt is! Perfect to snuggle under when it gets chilly (or when the A/C is on high). Some of the concerts highlighted on the quilt are: Elton John, Elton John & Billy Joel, The Who, Jimmy Buffett, James Taylor, Carly Simon, Neil Diamond, Bette Midler... Yes, this is the music I liked. I was a strange teenager. Anyway, I thought I would send props out to Kristi for creating such a beautiful, tangible, portable treasure from all my memories. Awesome, huh?

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