Thursday, September 18, 2008

You Touched My Very Soul

Tara and Steve helped us out back in the spring by being one of our photo workshop couples, so Emily and I were super-excited to photograph their first wedding day. They were flying down to Aruba for a destination wedding a couple of weeks after this one (somehow, Emily and I didn't make the cut for that) for their second wedding. It's hard for me to even write about my impressions of Tara and Steve. I don't think I've met another couple so utterly and altruistically generous with themselves. They immediately made me feel like family. I had so much fun photographing their wedding. Here are a few (more than a few) of my favorite photos from their day.

This sign was hanging in their living room. You know that as soon as Emily and I saw it, we pulled out our cameras.

The gorgeous dress. Lucky Tara got two dresses - this was her hometown dress.

The shoes! Tara wrote Steve's initials on the soles of her shoes so that when she was kneeling in church, the guests would be able to see them.

The bride right after putting her dress on. I just love how natural it all looks and how ready for the day she is.

The bride and groom after they walked back down the aisle and out into the world.

Sharing a moment before the guests come out.

The bridesmaids' flowers. Instead of carrying traditional bouquets, they walked down the aisle with these balls of flowers.

The rings. The first photo is taken on the back of the wedding program. In the second photo, the rings are right in the path of stained-glass window light. I love the blues.

The bride.

The bride and her mother.

We spend all this time photographing the bride, I thought it only fair that I include a photo of the handsome groom.

The VERY happy couple.

I don't know if photographs could ever really capture the love these two radiate, but all you need to do is spend some time around them and you can feel it.

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