Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Mr. Postman, Look and See

Lots of things to say today! During the winter months, New England photographers seem to busy themselves kicking some business ass (lots of seminars, workshops, meetings, etc) and booking shoots for the warmer months. We all can't live in Southern California! It is almost 3:30 and I have been sitting at my computer since 8a working. That's right - really working. So, you can imagine how happy it made me to get an email saying this:

"... Just for the record, your pictures are amazing. If someone's wedding pictures that I
don't even know could bring tears to my eyes, that' saying something."

In the past few days, I've also received these emails:

"As K and I celebrated our anniversary last week your name was brought up as we remembered how lucky and blessed we were to find you! You made our special night one filled with lasting memories."

"I can't say enough how wonderful the photos are. Truly, you have such a gift of capturing the moment and spirit of the party. I have never felt that looking through people's wedding photos before I watched the slideshow of E's wedding. That's not to say that I haven't seen wonderful wedding photography, but yours is that PLUS."

These emails come from a potential client, a previous client, and a wedding guest. Their kind words have definitely warmed up the winter a little!

And now for a beautiful picture:
Chris & Emily
This is from Chris & Emily's wedding this fall. I am designing their album now and fell in love with this photo all over again. It's in their slideshow but today I want it to stand alone. Plus, do you notice anything different about this photo? It marks the debut of my NEW LOGO! Hooray! I am so excited about it and want to put it everywhere! In fact, Doug just bought us a new phone and one of its features is you can customize the "art" on the handset. He thought I might want to brand it. AWESOME!


Photography by Emily Kearnan said...

I LOVEEEE the new logo!!

Jenny said...

Hi Meg! I love the new logo and am so excited to find your blog.

-Jenn :)