Monday, May 4, 2009

She Looks At Me So Fearlessly

We've had a sudden explosion of newborns recently! It's all so very exciting. I photographed this family right before I left for my trip to Los Angeles. I have been photographing Connor, the big brother, since he was just a baby. Now he's a big boy who likes to help look after his new baby sister. Isn't she the cutest? For some reason, I decided to post all of these in black and white today. Enjoy!

Welcome Home Little One

Newborn and Older Brother

Newborn Sleeping

Newborn & Mom

I'm just working through all my shoots these days, trying to keep up with posting. My wedding season officially began this weekend - so awesome. Beautiful ceremony, couple, and love story. Hopefully I'll be sharing those photos soon. Happy Monday everyone!

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Anonymous said...

Leslie and Dennis, Your babies are beautiful! Meg's mom.