Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Then You And I Would Simply Fly Away

Another day, another slideshow! It doesn't seem to be embedding onto the blog correctly, so I'm just going to link to it!
Doug and I had the honor of photographing Rebecca and Jeff's wedding back in May. I can't even tell you how beautiful their day was - the ceremony nearly had both of us in tears. Rebecca and Jeff have a wonderful love story that starts back when they were in high school. They even went to the prom together! I know their wedding day was just another beginning in their story, though. Thank you, Rebecca and Jeff, for letting us be a part of your day!

This slideshow is set to the song "If" by Bread, which was the song they danced to on their wedding day, but Rebecca also told me it was "their song" in high school!

In other news around here, we are gearing up for a wedding in Newport tomorrow, which is going to be awesome! I am saying a prayer to the rain gods and hoping we get to take advantage of the locations we have picked out. Also exciting - Doug is a semi-finalist in a photography contest at his company! I am so happy for him. He entered three photos from our trip to Buenos Aires and one of them made it - the blue one of the bride wearing the big hat. I posted it here when we first got back from our trip. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that he wins his category (people). I don't think there's a big prize or anything, but it would make both of us VERY happy.

That's all, folks!


Doug said...

The slideshow looks great. It was a real treat to help you on Rebecca and Jeff's day. Thanks for the photo contest plug--I could certainly use the win!

Anonymous said...

You have captured sooo much in these photos. The love Rebecca and Jeff have for each other is just oozing out! Big venue, small venue, it doesn't matter. You seem to just get it all, especially the blending of both families!! Congrats to you, Meg!