Friday, August 8, 2008

There Ain't No Graduation From This Kind of Education

Hang on to your hats, kiddies, there are lots of photos in this post!
Yesterday, I was privileged enough to attend the Very AltF Tour when it made its stop in Boston. The workshop is run by John and Dalisa Cooper. They are rock and roll photographers. I don't mean that they actually photograph rock and roll bands; I mean they are rock stars themselves.

This is John Michael Cooper. If you haven't seen his work, get your butt to his website and check it out!

Kate and Mike were our engagement models for the day. They are indeed photographers and they are indeed engaged. To each other.

I liked the way John's arm and body framed this shot.

Riding the zipline. Looks like fun?

This is John. He's an orange.

Our afternoon shoot was a conceptualized bridal. John set up a shoot that was inspired by Little Red Riding Hood. He's done some super-cool shoots on his tour so far (you should check them out... and this one was no different. After he finished shooting, we learned about his editing workflow and we got to see the finished product, which I'm sure will be up on his blog in a few days. It was really cool. Since it was raining out, the photographers didn't get as adventurous with our cameras as we normally would have (or at least I didn't), but I caught some cool images from where I was standing.

When I originally signed up for this workshop, I was so excited, but so nervous. I felt like I was going to seem like such a newbie, that maybe I'd be out of my league. In fact, I emailed John and Dalisa and asked if I would be out of my league. They assured me that the workshop was for people of all skill levels and they encouraged me to attend. I am so glad I did! First of all, I know I am a totally different photographer than I was 8 months ago when I signed up. Secondly, I never felt like I knew less than the person I sat next to. All of the information was accessible and John and Dalisa were totally humble and down-to-earth. I really appreciated that. It was like I was back in school again. I loved it! I even took notes.

Thank you to John and Dalisa for a wonderful day. Thanks to Jeff Newcum for hosting us at his house!

Also, those of you with a keen eye may notice that I keep changing the font for my name in these photos. I'm trying to choose a new one. Any opinions?


rachel said...

I love the orange photo Meg!!! yay... your images brought back good memories from that experience.

benjaminburrows said...

this looks like so much fun! your shots are amazing, Meg!