Thursday, August 14, 2008

Your Love Has Given Me Wings

This lyric is from the song "Volare," which is a fabulous Italian song and very fitting for this post. Last weekend, I photographed the 50th Anniversary party and vow renewal for Carmelo and Benita. Everyone spoke Italian, including the DJ. It was awesome. My family is Italian but my great-aunt is the only one left who speaks it fluently, so it was really cool to be around a family who speaks both English and Italian. It did make me miss my grandfather, though.

Every time you photograph a wedding, you are bearing witness to the love people feel for each other. Not just the couple, but their friends and family, too. It is an honor. I have been so lucky in the past few months to photograph such wonderful relationships. I mentioned before that a handful of my brides & grooms had been together for years before getting married. Now I'm photographing couples that have been together for 50 years. Fifty years. Wow. And yet, Carmelo and Benita still danced and cried like it was their very first dance. No matter how long you've been married, you're always still the bride and groom. Congratulations!

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