Thursday, December 4, 2008

I Feel Sheltered In Your Love

My mom is impatiently waiting for me to post something new, so here we go. Ruth and Chas got married at the end of September at the Grandview Inn in Jaffrey, NH. Theirs was actually the 2nd wedding I've shot there. The location is amazing! The Inn offers a ton of great nooks to take photos, inside & out, which is always important when planning an outdoor wedding in New England. We experienced some rain the day of Ruth and Chas' wedding, but they were troopers and decided to get married outside. It drizzled, but nothing we couldn't handle. Thanks to Mother Nature, it cleared up in time for us to shoot the formals outside. I just went through and watermarked a bunch of photos to post, but there's something up with flickr today and I can't seem to generate the code. That means you'll just have to enjoy the slideshow!

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