Saturday, March 28, 2009

'Cause Saturday Night's the Night I Like

Just over a month ago, I photographed Katherine at 8 months pregnant. She was amazing - totally up for anything. We even took some photos outside in the cold. I immediately posted one of my favorites from the shoot but never got around to posting any of the others. Well, the little one was born last week, so I figured it was time. Especially since I'm going up to meet her this week. All new photos to post!

Belly Bump

I wanted to post this second photo because I think a lot of woman get creeped out by the idea of maternity photos. They think it's going to be all about a bare belly and some don't want to do that. Bellies are beautiful, but that's not all I photograph! I take maternity photos to capture that exciting time, right before the baby comes. Katherine, Mike, and I just walked around town and enjoyed hanging out. Some of them focused on the pregnancy, some of them didn't. All of them are beautiful.
Outdoor Maternity

* Post title comes from "Saturday Night's Alright (For Fighting)."

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