Thursday, March 26, 2009

Until I Saw Your City Lights, Honey, I was Blind

Buenos Aires Art Deco
I have committed a horrible photographer crime - not only have I not posted any photos from our trip to Argentina, but I haven't printed any up, either. I'm going to remedy half of that tonight by posting a couple tonight. These photos represent a VERY small fraction of what I shot while we were in Buenos Aires, but I think little by little, they'll make their way on here. However, in the "do what I say, not what I do" category, I implore all my clients to print their photos! Those of you who choose to purchase the digital images own something invaluable - the ability to print your photos whenever and wherever you want, as many times as you want. Take advantage of that. Photos are meant to be tangible. They're no good just hanging out on the computer. Print them, frame them, send them to grandparents. Think about how much you love looking through your parents' old photo albums, even your grandparents' old albums. Your kids should have the same opportunity. I worry that my clients don't ever print their photos up. Technology changes so fast - in 20 yrs, will the technology still exist for you to look at those DVDs on the computer? Print print print!
Buenos Aires
This last photo was actually taken in Uruguay. We spent the day there exploring this little coastal town called Colonia.

*Today's song lyric is from the song "Honky Cat."

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