Tuesday, March 31, 2009

My Momma Loves Me

Even though I photograph a fair amount of weddings these days, I got my start photographing families and babies. I love having the opportunity to get to know a family, to see the dynamic, and to be a part of their world for just a little while. Yesterday I had the chance to photograph Dante on his 3 month birthday. I've known Dante's father since we junior-high age and it's a riot to see him around this little baby. You better believe the little one rules the roost! I loved watching Dante's mother play with him and listen to her voice change when she spoke to him. You can just hear the little whispers of love in each sentence. Beautiful! So, I thought I would get right on these and post a couple so the family can see them.

I love taking close-up shots of babies. I can't help it. This photo is such a nice introduction to this little man.
Baby's Close-Up

Baby toes!
Baby Toes

We totally tired Dante out with the modeling and he managed to drift off to sleep at the end of our shoot. He was a total trooper, though. As I was starting to get ready to leave, I captured this moment between mother and son.
Mother and Child

I have another little baby shoot coming up this week, which I am very excited about. And a model shoot tomorrow. And I'm doing some work with Kristi on Monday. Life is good.

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Sal said...

Unbelievable!! You have definately found your calling as a photographer. You only have a second to capture that perfect moment in time and you seem to every time!! Thank you:-)