Wednesday, November 5, 2008

You're A Star In the Face of the Sky

Every year, October, November, and December are filled up with fun family shoots in preparation for the holiday season. I am having so much fun photographing all of the kids, some of whom I haven't seen since last fall. A year makes a big difference. It's awesome. Now, these kids I try to see fairly often. Abbie and Sophie have been appearing on my blog since I started it nearly two years ago. Abbie is my only official godchild (although I like to think I have a handful of fairy godchildren). They are the daughters of my cousin Adrienne and her husband Michael (commonly referred to as Honey). You couldn't meet two nicer people. Adrienne has always been like my older sister. She was a great moral compass (most of the time) and she was always someone I could talk to when I needed someone to listen. When she got married, I lucked out and got Honey in the deal. They have these two gorgeous daughters who always make me laugh and I love to photograph them!

When I worked at the studio, stacking heads was a definite no-no. Abbie and Sophie did this themselves and I love the movement. It makes the photo more dynamic than just stacked heads.

Sophie's big blue eyes.
Big Blue Eyes

Abbie's big brown eyes.
Big Brown Eyes

I had to post this photo of Sophie trippin' the light fantastic.
Dancing Girl

For those of you interested in scheduling a holiday session, there's still time! Give me a call or email me to set something up!

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