Friday, November 21, 2008

Right Through the Heart of Me

Yesterday afternoon, I picked up Jill and Krista and we road tripped it down to Mohegan Sun. Did we spend a dime gambling? No. Did we spend a dime on alcohol? No. We did spend a dime on milkshakes, but a girl's got needs. We drove down to see Alexa Ray Joel in concert. Almost two years ago, I saw her CD at Target. I admit that I picked it up initially because I'm a huge fan of Billy Joel, but I did a little recon online and loved her music. She has such a great sound and it's so different than so much of what is out there right now. When I saw somewhere that she was playing at Mohegan Sun, I knew I wanted to go. Enter Krista and Jill. I consider myself extremely lucky to have friends who 1) let me drag them across state lines to go to a concert of someone they don't know and 2) have a random work schedule like I do. Also lucky for me - they loved the show. I loved the show. It was awesome. We were sitting in the front row and loving every minute of it. I highly recommend you check out her music. And she's playing again at Mohegan Sun on January 24th - I can fit 5 in my car if anyone is interested!

I'm not used to point-and-shoots (yucky red-eye), but luckily Krista brought hers along. Here we are, after the show:
IMG_0006 edit

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