Thursday, November 13, 2008

You Wanna Be Starting Something

In March of 2007, I photographed this family for the first time. Harrison was just six months old and photographing him was one of my first assignments as an independent photographer. I had recently left the studio I had been working for to strike out on my own and I totally lucked out meeting Harrison's family. Harrison's mom passed the word along to her friends and they've kept me employed for close to two years now. That's how it all started. Now they have a new little baby - Lily. She is six months old, so it was time for her supermodel debut. She's off to a great start!

For some reason, baby clothes designers still feel the need to put lots of tiny buttons on the backs of clothes. Go figure.
Buttons Buttons

Look at this gorgeous face! I love it when babies look straight into the camera and for some reason, really seem to be connecting. You can tell there's something going on behind those beautiful eyes.

And, of course, here's the big brother. He's changed so much over the past year and a half. For one thing, he's a little blondie now! He's also running around and talking in sentences. He's certainly challenging Lily to keep up with him.

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