Wednesday, November 5, 2008

It's the Most Wonderful Time of the Year


What? A Christmas post already?! Well, tomorrow is Ravioli Day, which is the unofficial kick-off to Christmas season in my family. Every year, my mom and her three sisters get together and make over 500 ravioli from scratch for our Christmas dinner. When I was little, Ravioli Day would take three days but now they get it all done in one day. There was also a time when having their daughters around was more of a distraction than a help, but those days are gone. We all take the day off from work and go over and help out. Ravioli Day jobs consist of cranking the dough, cutting it in circles, spooning in the filling, or forking the ravs closed. We get an assembly line going. It's a wonderful family tradition and really, we just enjoy spending time together. This year, because I'll be in Buenos Aires, I'll miss out on the actual eating of the ravioli on Christmas Day, but I wouldn't miss Ravioli Day for anything!

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