Friday, September 28, 2007

Come And Knock On My Door

I love old houses. Doug and I enjoy living in places that are achitecturally interesting. With that comes, of course, no dishwasher, old heaters, and other such nonsense. However, we have some very cool features, like a giant glass-block window that has been instrumental in many photoshoots. We also have this supercool slit in the tile above our bathroom sink and below the mirror that is labeled "Used Razor Blades." It is literally a depository for old razor blades. Razors are just hanging out in piles in our bathroom wall. I'd love to get in there to see what else we can discover, like in "If These Walls Could Talk" on HGTV. You better believe that before I leave here, I will be writing a note and folding it up and slipping it in there. Okay, this post has gone in a direction I wasn't really expecting, so now I have to go photograph the bathroom.

So, this is our link to a time when men actually used razor blades to shave...

Okay, but back to the reason I started this post to begin with. Doorknobs. Here are a couple I've encountered recently:

I just love the way they look. The first still has a key that works and the other looks art deco to me. Sometimes there is unexpected beauty in the most mundane objects; as a photographer, it's my job to find that beauty and show everyone else. So, keep your eyes open for cool doorknobs and details.

And, for good measure, here's another photo of that cool phone.

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