Thursday, September 6, 2007

They're Fin-all-y Getting Ma-rrr-ied Now!

Okay, so I decided to strike while the iron was hot. If you're just joining us, these will be the reception photos from Dan & Mel's wedding on August 25th at the Mystic Aquarium. The ceremony photos are in the previous post.

Some of the college crew - Hail, Colby, Hail!

This guy was a guest during the cocktail hour. He only bit one small child, too. I'd say that's a successful penguin-bite-to-guest-ratio. Yes, I did get to pet him. He felt velvety and not feathery. If you were curious.

Utilitarian wedding favors rank high in my book. This is Lesley's glass - it's only partially full because, while arranging a photo, I knocked it into her salad. Being the gracious woman she is, she swore the salad still tasted okay. She said the discovery of the tropical drink in her food was like a little surprise. I'm not sure I believed her, but it was nice of her to say.

Dan & Mel laughed throughout their entire first dance. It was awesome. They looked so happy! (In order to see this photo better, click on it so you see it full-size; same with the cake eating photo below)

Cutting the cake. I think the evidence speaks for itself.

Well, that's it. These are all the photos fit to print. I promised I wouldn't post anything embarrassing - those will have to go somewhere else. Next up is Tony & Jackie's wedding where there were a lot of sweaty people dancing all night long. That's my kind of party!

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