Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Who Is This Walking Man?

This walking (little) man is the son of my very good friends, Dennis & Lesley. Connor is a year and a half now and I first took his photos back when he was six months old. He still has those giant amazingly blue eyes (he has mom to thank for those), but now he's running and talking. We spent the day playing and taking photos and just enjoying ourselves.

Who doesn't love bubbles?

Back at the house, dad filled up the baby pool and Connor got to splash around for a little bit, although the water was a little too cold for him to actually get in.

Connor has this great personality and I love photographing him! It also means I get to hang out with his parents, which I also thoroughly enjoy. I met Dennis at my senior prom all those years ago. And you might say Lesley helped me snag my current beau, although the results took a little while. Ah, the memories. Regardless, hopefully I'll be seeing them all again soon - it's almost time for Christmas photos!

I had a really great newborn sitting and an engagement session recently, so I need to get those edited and posted. I've also been doing a bunch of headshots recently, which is always fun. Just keeping busy when I can and preparing myself for some fall TV, because I am a pathetic TV addict. Although, last night I definitely mourned the loss of The Gilmore Girls. It had been my favorite show on television and now my Tuesday nights are empty...

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