Friday, September 14, 2007

My Kind of Town

Everyone who is not related to me, brace yourselves. I am about to post a million and one photos from my cousin Tony's wedding. Since I don't know how to make slideshows, you'll have to suffer through a very long post. This is the best way for everyone to see the photos - plus, they're tons of fun. The bride and groom were so happy and the guests danced the night away. Really. The dancing didn't stop. The floor was packed. Grandparents, cousins, aunts & uncles, and friends all squeezed together, dancing off the calories from the dinner!

{The Ceremony}

You've heard of the Pink Ladies?

{The Reception}

This is the gorgeous wedding cake... Isn't it amazing? The world city skylines were incorporated into a lot of the wedding details - save the dates, invitations, seating cards, and the cake. It was a great detail that tied everything together.

Let the crazy dancing commence!

I think I might make this my signature shot. I love the way the wine glass sparkles!

My family has had an extremely trying week this past week. It was important for me to post these photos in the hopes that they might put some smiles on some faces. There are tons more, but I couldn't put up ALL of them! I hope everyone enjoys these! Love you.


Aunt Sarah said...


These are wonderful photos bringing back memories of such a gloriously happy day! Thye have put a smile on my face....particularly the aunts and uncles dancing like fools!

Aunt Sarah

Debra said...

You've got The Eye!

Aunt Deb