Friday, February 6, 2009

Believe It Or Not, It's Just Me

Days without posting and now I'm going to post without a photo! Scandalous! While I had the impulse to write, I thought I should take advantage of it. The strangest thing happened to Doug and I this morning and I feel the need to share. We were walking to my car and I noticed there were some cars backed up by the drive-by mailboxes in my town. I thought, "Hmmm, that's strange. Maybe I'll drop the Netflix in later." When we got closer, we realized there was no one in the front car. Someone had essentially pulled up to the mailbox, put it in park, and got out. It was still running even. The cars behind it were starting to go around (but now they couldn't reach the mailbox). It was ugly. Doug decided to explore further. I heard him say, "There's a baby in there." HUH?! WHAT?! Indeed, there was a baby in the car. The car that was running. And parked. And blocking traffic. Who on earth would leave their toddler in a running car in the street? Now, Doug and I surmised that whoever had done this had probably just run into the post office for a minute. However, before anyone claiming the car/baby combo appeared, a cop showed up on the scene. Since Doug and I were standing by the abandoned car/baby, we filled him in on what was going on. When we finished, we figured since the cops were there, we could leave. We had to get Doug to work on time, you know. As we were getting into the car, a woman came running across the street yelling, "Officer! Officer!" He said something back to her and she said, "I was only gone a minute." Uhm, inaccurate. We had been standing there for about 7 minutes and the car had already been there when we showed up. We have no idea what happened to the mom after we left. The baby seemed absolutely fine. But, really, in what reality is it okay to leave your child in the car by itself, with the car running, in the street? What is this world coming to? Did this woman really not have the time to pull into a parking space and take the child out of the car and into the post office? Was she having some sort of mail emergency? All very very strange. The things you see in the W.C.!

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Barbara said...

When I had just had Lucy, some other new moms and I talked about how odious it was to park, take the baby out of the car, haul the carseat-and-baby into a shop, and then spend 30 seconds doing something like drop off dry cleaning. However, we were unanimous in our understanding that we could, under no circumstances, leave our babies in the car, even though logic suggested that a mere 30 seconds should be just fine. I always wondered what the consequences would be...I wonder if this incident made the Winchester crime blotter!