Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Wherever We're Together, That's My Home

Anna and Jayson got married in a small, intimate ceremony at the Top of the Hub in Boston's Prudential Building. Anna worked hard at creating the perfect ambiance for her guests, which I'm sure couldn't have been easy since the couple lives in Washington, D.C. Their efforts totally paid off - everything was beautiful! This is just a little sneak peek of a few of my favorites.

Anna's color scheme was red and black and this gorgeous red chair just happened to be in the hotel room. I made good use of it in the photos.
Red & Black Wedding, The Shoes

Anna's dog was in the hotel room being totally adorable. I couldn't help but capture a few photos of them together.
Bride with her Dog

Bride with her Dog

I love this photo. To me, it looks like they could be hanging out with Frank Sinatra. The dark wood just creates its own mood and transports you to a different time. Totally swank.
Anna & Jayson, Top of the Hub

What else can I fill you guys in on? Last night I went to a meeting with a bunch of photographers, which was awesome. To be in a room, chatting with and learning from, some of Boston's best is always an inspiration. Every time I speak with these people, I become a better photographer and business woman. I'm so lucky that Boston has made it easy for us all to be friends and resources and not competitors.

I've got a few shoots that I'm working on editing so I can blog them. Things have been really busy! I am now on Twitter, so you guys can follow me there. My ID is megger66. You will also be able to see my updates at the top of my blog, so you can watch them there. I'm also trying to keep track of how many people visit my blog everyday. It's addictive. People all over the world are following this blog - Guam, Argentina, Hawaii, Maryland, etc. So, if you're out there, feel free to leave a comment! Don't be scared! Comments will make my day.

The Oscars aren't too far away now. I just saw The Class the other night. It's a French film nominated for Best Foreign Film. It was good, but seemed a little long. It was sort of like Rachel Getting Married in that it made you part of the story. You suffered through parent/teacher conferences and staff meetings just like the characters did. As someone who has been a part of that world, it could be pretty painful to watch. Overall, good film, though. I have Frozen River at home (Best Actress nominee Melissa Leo) so I need to watch that. And I'm still hoping to see The Reader. Maybe Friday!


Rachel said...

These are gorgeous, Meg! You did such a great job at the wedding. I love what you did with the processing. And... it was fun to see you work!

Rachel said...

I finally blogged some of my favorites. I loved so many of their kissing/embracing images!!

"The Kisses of Anna and Jayson"