Monday, February 23, 2009

You Must Have Seen Her


I took this photo at the Get It Off! Workshop yesterday. We worked with three really cool models and just played around with different lighting tricks. Since I use mostly natural light, these workshops have been great. They've got me experimenting with all different sorts of equipment, which is fun. This is just one of the many photos I took yesterday, but something about it grabs me, so I thought I'd throw it up there.

To all of you who powered through and read the entire Oscars blog, THANK YOU! I had a record number of people check in yesterday, which is awesome! Please feel free to comment with your thoughts on The Academy Awards - I want to hear your opinions on everything - dresses, awards, attitudes...


Doug said...

Really well done, from an angle I'd never have seen, and I was standing next to you!

Pizzuti Studios Photography said...

Dear Margaret, I think the composition of this image is spectacular. Definitely a "Meg" shot, meaning I see you using this more, and developing a style. Keep it going!



Fed said...

Great Shot Meg! Glad you had a good time at the last two WS. Will you be at Pug next week?