Wednesday, February 11, 2009

In the Jingle-Jangle Morning

I made a special trip to Target today to pick up some stuff for the apt. You know, stuff like a new scrub brush for the dishes and a bottle of caffeine-free Pepsi. For some reason, I have totally been craving a nice cold glass of Pepsi lately. Anyway, as I was walking through the lovely aisles, wanting to buy everything I saw, whether I need it or not, I came across some really cool wedding invitations. Apparently Target is jumping on the DIY wedding bandwagon and now sells invitations you can print on from home. They were really nice. Some of them were the Target "Club Wedd" brand but the ones I liked best were from a company called Gartner Studios. I believe the ones Target was selling are from the "Letter Impress" collection. They looked simple without looking plain, contemporary without looking trendy, and just all around pretty. So, if you're a bride who's reading this, it might be worth checking out. Best part? Less than $1/invite! Just thought I'd share!

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