Tuesday, February 17, 2009

I'm Fluent in Java Script

So, I just got word that my actual website, www.megbelanger.com, is down. Apparently I have exceeded my traffic quota, which I think means too many people have visited my site! Oops! I'll have to fix that later. In the meantime, you can enjoy all my photos right here on my blog!

I attempted to upgrade my website last night. I haven't seen any change yet, but it might take up to 24 hrs. We'll see how it all goes over the course of the day. Thanks for your patience!

***UPDATE #2***
Website is now back in business! That means that all my slideshows are up and running again. Phew!


Pizzuti Studios Photography said...

I don't think web sites should have quotas for traffic ... if they do UPGRADE to a better service!

And btw "I'm fluent in Java Script" is not a song reference so you blew that whole motif! lol - rp

Meg said...

Actually it is a song lyric... The whole line is "I'm fluent in Java Script as well as Klingon" from the song "White & Nerdy" by "Weird" Al Yankovic. So take that!