Saturday, October 20, 2007

At the Playground

See, I can quote "Iesha" more than once! I might have to keep returning to that song; it seems to have a lot of possibilities.

I was lucky enough to play with Scarlett and her family last weekend. We explored not one, but two, playgrounds. Ah, to be a kid in the city! I don't normally post all black & white photos, but these ones really struck me and I wanted to share them.

Also, I've been "tagged" by the lovely Dorie of Dorie Lynn Photography. Basically, I have to tell you 8 things about myself. So, get to know your friendly neigborhood photographer.

1) I hate carrots. Really. They taste like the ground to me. I will most definitely eat around them. Out of all the childhood food dislikes, this one has really stuck with me.

2) I haven't purchased a pair of sneakers since I was 17 and I was told I needed them to go on my COOT (Colby Outdoor Orientation Trip). I probably wouldn't have bought them then, either, if they hadn't been explicitly listed on the "Things You Must Have To Survive" list for college.

3) I've been kicked out of Central Park by the cops twice.

4) I am caffeine-free, although as a result, I've developed a taste for wine.

5) I am scared of the dark so I have to sleep with the TV on (I always set the sleep timer) or I have to read until I fall asleep. It's not that I think there are monsters in the closet - it just unnerves me a little.

6) My sister is 16 yrs younger than me, which is actually a lot of fun. Even though she thinks I'm a total dork. She's not wrong. Except when I take her to Rated R movies - she likes that.

7) I asked Doug to give me a fun fact about me and he said "You're indifferent about the amount of cheese that I eat." That's questionable, but I'm throwing it on my list anyway because it amuses me. For my real fun fact, my first "late" movie was a 10:10p showing of "Bird on a Wire" with Mel Gibson and Goldie Hawn. My cousin Marissa took me and my brother when she was babysitting.

8) I'm a total pack rat. I love hanging on to things with sentimental value, or that I think will have sentimental value 50 yrs from now. I'm trying to be good, so if I am forced to throw something out or give it away, I photograph it. For some reason, that to me proves that I had it. I have always been a documentarian. So, when you see the photos of old cans and police tape and dresses on my blog, it generally means that immediately following their photo shoot, they went on a very long vacation.

Okay, those are my 8 facts. Apparently I am now supposed to tag other people, but Dorie already tagged everyone I know for the most part. Back to work for me! Plenty of editing and posting going on over here.

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Kelly said...

Ooh! Ooh! Meg, tag me! Tag ME! (I've been hoping someone would tag me for a while and I was about to make up an imaginary friend to tag me).