Saturday, October 20, 2007

They Send You Off To College, Try To Gain a Little Knowledge

Senior photos are so much fun to shoot! I photographed Dominique last weekend at the Old Grist Mill in Sudbury. We had gorgeous fall weather and took advantage of our location. Dominique was such a good sport about it all - sit here, sit here, climb onto that, etc. We only got yelled at by a man in a colonial costume once. That's fine. Whatever. I am so thrilled with the way the photos came out. Dominique looks gorgeous, happy, and ready for college! She and her family are going to have tons of photos to choose from - good luck!

Just for her parents, I used Jimmy Buffett lyrics for the title of this post. The question is, will they immediately know the song? And better yet, do they know what line comes next?

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