Thursday, October 4, 2007

Hey Little Apple Blossom

Here are some photos from my aforementioned apple-picking trip. Besides me adding my watermark, these are straight out of the camera. It was such a gorgeous day! It's funny, because more often than not, I can be found indoors. Mostly my life has revolved around television and movies, and I mean that in the best of ways. I spent 6 years studying them. Those aren't activities that get done outside. When I came home from Los Angeles after my first year of grad school, one of my friends said, "Only you would spend a year in L.A. and come back paler than when you left." Anyway, this past weekend, I spent both days outside and even ended up with a sunburn. The weather was so beautiful, I was glad I was forced to take advantage of it before it changes. Without further ado, here are some apple photos...

This is Alex grabbing us some good lookin' apples from the top of the tree.

I have a couple of other shoots to edit but I'm looking forward to posting them! I'm trying to update this blog regularly so people have something different to look at when they check in. You know, all those fans I have.

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