Tuesday, October 23, 2007

He Took Off to Find the Footlights

I took a little creative license with the song lyric today because the Harry Chapin song ("Taxi") refers to a woman.

While I was in NYC, I shot some headshots for my friend Dan. Dan is part of the wildly popular sketch comedy group Slightly Known People and also performs in plays around the city. He needed some updated photos and I just happened to be crashing at his apartment while I was in town. Sounds like kismet to me!

This is Dan just being Dan. It's like Manny being Manny except without the pro-baseball money or the dreadlocks.

This is Dan looking headshot-y. Love the eyes.

Also, on a totally different note, it has been brought to my attention that I do indeed know photographers to tag, so here are a few...

1. Kelly Vasami
2. Melissa Bitter
3. Allan Zepeda, the photographer who taught me how to link!

So, now they have to list 8 fun facts about themselves on their blogs. Have fun!

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